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CTD Machines History

The history of CTD reflects a tradition of building rugged, accurate, American-made production equipment. The company began in the 1950s as Commercial Tool & Die, and soon thereafter moved into manufacturing custom machines and industrial chop saws. By the 1970s, our focus was entirely on producing heavy, precision miter, double-miter, and automatic cut-off saws, cutting with quality carbide blades at high speed. Our framing saws, developed in the 1960s, have become one of the premier machines available for cutting picture frames, window frames, door frames, and any frame requiring precise, tight-fitting 45 degree miters. Our single blade chop saws, continuously manufactured for fifty years, offered in 12” to 20” capacities, are legendary for their long life and minimum maintenance, cutting wood, aluminum, plastics, and steel. In the 1960’s, we designed our line of double-end trim saws, able to cut both ends of long lengths simultaneously, providing 90 to 45 degree miter capability, and the ability to make compound cuts. The 1970’s and 1980’s brought the introduction of our double-bladed notching saws, and the evolution of our high production automatic cut-off saws, such as model A480. With the 1990’s, electronic innovations were introduced, including automatic positioning stop and feed systems, and digital length measurement systems. This decade also ushered in a complete upgrade of our D45 framing saws, with better guarding, larger components, and streamlining of the pneumatic and electrical systems.

The 1990s also saw the movement of much American production overseas. While this increased our determination to continue our ‘American-made’ tradition, we benefitted from the ‘lean manufacturing’ techniques coming from abroad. We looked within our plant to update our equipment, our product designs, and the methods and efficiency of our manufacturing facilities, in order to better compete in the global marketplace. Today, CTD is better prepared to adapt rapidly in response to changes in industry.

In 2008, we have unveiled bold new colors, a new logo, and a new approach to meeting our customers' needs and custom requirements.
We have introduced automatic positioning to our double-end trim saws. We have integrated an air cushion and indexing capability into our individual mitering chop saws, facilitating easy and accurate movement between angles.

Here at CTD, we are connected to our beginnings by a tradition of quality, service, and American pride, but have moved forward with innovative designs that integrate new technology with our proven raw materials of cast iron, cast aluminum, and steel. From this blend, we produce high quality, precise, industrial cut-off saws for the modern manufacturing plant. We are committed to constant evaluation and upgrading of our products, and always remain faithful to our fifty year dedication to superior customer service.

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