CTD Model CDM60 16

CTD Model CDM60 16

16" Compound double end trim mitre saw

The CTD Model CDM60 offers a maximum of flexibility and cutting capacities.
Item # :  CDM60
  • *Compound double end trim mitre saw
  • *Blade Capacity: 16"
  • *3 H.P. 3 phase
  • *Magnetic Starter
  • *10 strokes per min.
  • *Cutting Capacity
  • 45°: 4" X 7¼" 90°: 4" X 10½"
  • 45° compound: 4" X 7¼

Blade Capacity
16" OD (406mm); saw blades not included.

1" (25mm) with 3-1/2" (89mm) saw collars; mounted on preloaded and sealed bearings; 2-belt drive centered between bearings; 2800 RPM of spindle.

Motors & Voltages
Two 3 H.P. 3 Phase 230/460 Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM with starters; 5 H.P. motors available; consult factory for amperage ratings.

Iron Castings
Saw arms, pivot brackets, and tables are precision machined and ground iron castings with milled keyways in table to guide fences.

Tables swivel from 90° to 45° toward each other with degree markings and pointer; stops are at 90° and 45°; angular adjustment in opposite direction available.

Floor Stand
Heavy gage steel; eight foot (2.4M) centers with traveling right hand carriage on rack and pinion; length measuringscale; optional length centers available to 40 feet (12M); Digital Length Measurement available as optional accessory.

Inside and outside fences are keyed to base and are easily adjustable front to back, and side to side.

Two inside vertical clamps must be tripped by foot valve, then a two-hand anti-tie down, maintained contact safety control will work the air downfeed of saw heads; an air filter/regulator/lubricator with auto drain is provided.

Air Pressure & Consumption
4 CFM at 75 PSI (.11 cubic meters at 5.2kg/cm2); based on 10 strokes per minute.

Dust Collection
Four dust outlets are provided€”two 5" (127mm) round, two 4" (102mm) round; two outlets per saw head; 1200 CFM required per head; dust collector not included.

Production Rate
10 strokes per minute; actual production rates will vary with type and width of material to be cut.

Size & Weight
40" (102cm) front to back x 69" (175cm) High x 120" (305cm) Long; Weight 1,500 lbs. (680kg).

Cutting Capacity
90° Cutting; 4" (102mm) High x 10-1/2" (267mm) Wide
45° Mitre; 4" High (102mm) x 7-1/4" (184mm) Wide
90° Front to Back/45° Compound; 2-5/8" (67mm) High x 10" (254mm) Wide
Refer to price list CTD Double End Trim Mitre & Compound Mitre Saws for additional cutting capacities.