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16" Double end trim mitre saw

The DM400 uses two standard 400 Series saw heads. See 400 Series features and specifications for head details.


  • Double end trim mitre saw

  • Blade Capacity: 16"& 20"

  • 5 H.P. 3 phase

  • Magnetic Starter

  • 10 strokes per min

  • Mitres up to 45°

  • Cutting Capacity:

  • 16" Blade Capacity: 45°: 3" X 7¾ 90°: 3" X 11"

  • 20" Blade Capacity: 45°: 5¼" X 8" 90°:5½X11½

Blade Capacity 

  • 16" OD 406mm standard; 20" 504mm optional; saw blades not included.

Arbor & Pivot 

  • 1" 25mm with 5" 127mm saw collars, spindle mounted on preloaded and sealed bearings; with V-belt drive completely enclosed; pivot uses Timken bearings lubricated for life.

Motors & Voltages 

  • 5 H.P. 3 Phase 230/460 Volt Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors with Magnetic Starter standard; 8½ H.P., 10 H.P., and 15 H.P. motors available as optional extra.


  • Saw heads swivel from 90° to 45° toward each other with degree markings and pointer; stops are at 90° and 45°; angular adjustment of saw head away from each other available as option; other angles possible.

Cutting Capacity

  • 16" 406mm OD Blade: 90° Cutting; 3" 76mm High x 9-1/2" 241mm Wide 45°Cutting 3-1/2" 89mm High x 7" 178mm Wide

  • 20" 504mm OD Blade: 90° Cutting 6" 152mm High x 10" 254mm Wide 45°Cutting 5-1/2" 140mm High x 8" 203mm Wide

Floor Stand 

  • Heavy gage steel; 8 foot 244cm centers with traveling right hand carriage on rack and pinion; length measuring scale; optional length centers available to 40 feet 12M; digital length measurement available as optional accessory.

Blade Guard 

  • Completely encloses blade in rest position; pivots up, away from base.


  • On each side of blade are keyed to base and are easily adjustable front to back.


  • Two inside vertical clamps must be tripped by foot valve, then a two-hand anit-tie down, maintained contact safety control will work the air/hydraulic downfeed of saw heads; an air filter/regulator/lubricator with auto drain in provided; infinite speed control is provided.

Air Pressure & Consumption 

  • 80 PSI 5.6 kg/cm2; 6 CFM at 80 PSI .18 cubic meters at 5.6 kg/cm2 based on 10 strokes per minute.

Dust Collection 

  • Four 4" 102mm round outlets are provided, two for each saw head on DM400; 900 CFM required per head.

Production Rates 

  • 10 strokes per minute; actual production rates will vary with type and width of material to be cut.

Size & Weight 

  • 80" 203cm High x 54" 137cm Front to Back x 156" 397cm Long; Weight 2,500 lbs. 1,134kg.

Instructions Manual

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