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22" Blade capacity semi automatic Miter cut-off saw, Manual, Quill controlled, or Digital option

The CTD up-cut saws are engineered for accurate, fast and safe production cutting of wood, aluminum, plastic and non-ferrous metals. The saw blade remains under the table surface until the cut is made. An air proximity sensor adjacent to the blade and a new extended blade guard with Lexan windows provide a very safe operation. A maintained contact, two hand control unit is standard. These models employ a time-tested and dependable Baldor motors.


  • Blade Size: 22" x 1" Bore

  • Blade Speed: 3,165 RPM

  • Cycle Speed: Up to 60/Minute

  • Air Cylinder: 2" x 10"

  • C.F.M. 14.04 SCFM/2,18 CFM

  • Table Height: 36-3/4 Inches

  • Floor Space: 30"x 38" Inches

Optional Equipment

  • In feed and Out feed Tables

  • Lubricate System

  • Automatic Stop Digital Stop

  • 22 A.T.B. or T.C. Systi-Matic Blades

Standard Equipment

  • 5 HP Baldor TEFC Motor

  • 3 Premium Notched Belts

  • Filter, Regulator w/Air Pressure Gauge

  • Magnetic Starter in NEMA 12 Box with Low Voltage Controls

  • Tempered Chrome-Moly Spindle

  • Heavy Steel Spindle Housing

  • 4" Dust Chute 400 CFM Suggested


  • 1" x 12" – 2.5" x 8.5" – 4" x 5"

  • 5" x 7" on Special Order

Instructions Manual

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