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12" Mitre cut-off saw

This rugged, accurate heavy duty industrial indexing mitre cut-off saw uses our time tested 200 series sawhead. It will mitre up to 45 degrees each side of 0 degrees, with positive pin stops at 90, 45, 30, 22½, 15, 0.

Blade Capacity

  • 12" OD 305mm standard.

Spindle & Pivot Shaft 

  • Have preloaded, sealed ball bearings; .001 alignment of spindle and pivot.


  • is 1" 25.4mm OD with 2-1/2" 64mm saw collars; 3700 RPM.


  • 2 H.P. 1 or 3 Phase totally enclosed fan cooled with manual starter; enclosed 2-belt drive.

Iron Castings 

  • Base & disc are made from precision machined iron castings for lasting accuracy.

  • Disc is set flush with table and graduated each degree.

Maximum Cutting Capacity 

  • M25R/45°
    12" Blade Capacity 305mm
    2-5/8"67mm High x 4-1/4" 108mm Wide

  • M25R/90°
    12" Blade Capacity 305mm
    2-1/2"64mm High x 7-1/2" 191mm Wide

Blade Guard 

  • Completely encloses blade in rest position.Lower rotating blade guard pivots up into main stationary blade guard as saw heads pivot down to cut.


  • Manual hand operation; optional power feed of saw head.

Dust Outlet 

  • Two 2" dust outlet provided. 600 CFM required for each.

Size & Weights 

  • 22" 56cm Wide x 27" 69cm
    Front to Back x 22-1/2" 57cm High. Weight 195 lbs.89 kgs.

Cutting Capacity with fences 

  • Set at center line
    M25R/45° 2-1/2"64mm High x 3-1/2"89mm Wide
    M25R/90° 2-1/2"64mm High x 5"127mm Wide

Optional Extras

  • include Power Downfeed of Saw, Clamps, Magnetic Starters, Floor Stand, Measuring Fences, and Table Supports.

Instructions Manual

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